Residential Treatment for Women in Cascade, CO

Shadow Mountain Recovery provides Residential Treatment exclusively designed for women on a private, fourteen-bed property in Cascade, Colorado. Our goal is to provide a protective environment for women that includes medical stabilization, support, treatment for addictive disorders and potential co-occurring conditions, with supervision 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Our Residential Treatment Program is designed for clients who, where clinically assessed and indicated, require a highly therapeutically structured, clinically driven, accountability oriented treatment experience. The women’s program is designed specifically to address issues that tend to disproportionately affect females, like trauma, anxiety, codependency, and difficulty in developing healthy relationships.

Women's recovery in Colorado SpringsWe are committed to helping establish quality recovery while cultivating fun and adventure as part of the healthy pursuit of a life worth living. Activities such as yoga, hiking and equine therapy are incorporated into the daily programming schedule.

Family Program

Family services are provided in a supportive and interactive manner, directed toward maintaining or restoring positive family relationships. The Family Program is individualized to each client and typically includes; family counseling calls, education on addiction and co-occurring disorders, and an intensive single-family workshop with your loved one and their Primary Therapist. Special accommodations can be made for women with children to support the healthy development of relationships during an extended treatment stay.

Trauma Informed Treatment

We utilize a trauma informed approach by recognizing the signs and symptoms in clients and families. When clinically appropriate, our therapists utilize evidence-based treatments such as EMDR and neuro-feedback. This approach is particularly beneficial for clients who have had multiple failed treatment episodes.

Attachment Theory

Our clinical approach is guided by an understanding that it is not enough to simply remove the addiction (which has become the focus of unhealthy emotional and physical attachment). In order to achieve long-term well-being, recovering people need opportunities to rebuild healthy emotional attachments. At Shadow Mountain Recovery, both therapeutic and community relationships are provided as part of the treatment experience. This provides an environment in which our recovering clients can begin reconnecting with others on an emotional level and challenge the patterns of emotional isolation that keep them vulnerable to active addiction.

12-Step Philosophy

We believe comprehensive wellness in recovery is solidified through integrating traditional 12 Step work into clinical services. Clients will gain a knowledge of the 12 Steps, attend AA and NA meetings, and engage in a Relapse Management Group when ready to begin applying their learned skills to plans for the future. Clients are also given the opportunity to begin engaging in a sponsor relationship when clinically indicated.