About Shadow Mountain Recovery

Detox and assessment new mexicoShadow Mountain Recovery was built on the belief that respect, dignity, and compassion are essential components within the treatment experience in order for clients to surrender to the journey of recovery.

This belief, accompanied by a clinical approach rooted in the Attachment Theory, family systems, and trauma informed treatment have led our efforts to cultivate a treatment experience that has helped clients gain sobriety since 2007.

Our family owned company has evolved significantly. Our journey began after our founders were unable to find the resources necessary when addiction arose within their own family system. Not wanting other families to face the same struggle, Shadow Mountain Recovery was formed to provide a different experience that provided high-quality care to clients while supporting families during such difficult times.

smr recovery center

We’ve built a team of professionals who now lead efforts to carry out our mission every day; while ensuring the organization’s success in an ever-changing industry.

Shadow Mountain Recovery’s unique locations create an immersive experience where clients can focus on achieving their treatment goals. Our environments embrace nature’s beauty and provide clients a landscape to focus on wellness, self-exploration, and fun in recovery.

Making the decision to change your life is courageous. We are here to honor that decision and help you establish a life worth living.

Our Treatment Programs

At Shadow Mountain Recovery we offer extended residential treatment for men and woman suffering from prescription pill dependency, substance abuse, and addiction. Our clinical approach focuses on attachment, family systems, and trauma informed approach while integrating the principles and concepts of recovery.

Our private locations in Taos, NM and Cascade, CO provide a safe space for clients to experience therapeutic interventions while cultivating a sense of fun, adventure, and exploration.

Our Residential Treatment Programs are gender-specific, with a men’s program in Taos, NM, and a women’s program in Colorado Springs, CO. The two programs are designed for clients who were clinically assessed and indicated, require a highly therapeutically structured, clinically driven,
and accountability-oriented treatment experience.

We are committed to helping establish quality recovery while cultivating fun and adventure as part of the healthy pursuit of a life worth living.