Medically Managed Detox & Two Week Residential Assessment

detox and assessmentAll clients being welcomed to University Park Behavioral Health Detox & Assessment residential program receive Detox (if needed). If they chose, they may enroll into our Two-Week Residential Treatment and Assessment Program — an extensive psychiatric, medical, nutritional, psychological and psychosocial development assessment conducted by licensed therapists and physicians.

This critical assessment process establishes an understanding of the client’s condition, needs, past treatment experiences, physical health, psychological state, family history and much more. This comprehensive assessment is critical to ensuring that the University Park team can provide the best, most individualized addiction and substance use disorder treatment for each client and, in some cases, determine if additional care—or even a different center’s program—may best suit their needs.

While in the 14-day residential assessment phase, clients will also participate in group, family and individual counseling sessions and some behavioral health education seminars. A combination of one, or both, of these services, is generally what is required to provide our adult male and female clients with effective stabilization, reliable assessments, treatment planning and initial therapies. Through this evaluation process, we can identify the underlying real issues. Then we can effectively begin treating drug and alcohol addiction and substance use disorders.