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University Park Behavioral Health is breaking down barriers to treatment preparation and coordination planning to create better outcomes for our patients. Notice Hipaa Privacy Practices


A Modern, Innovative Healthcare Organization

University Park Behavioral Health is a modern, innovative healthcare organization offering a path to recovery to those suffering with substance use and mental health disorders. Over the course of our many years in the behavioral healthcare field, we've identified significant gaps in the addiction treatment continuum and heard from many Americans whose needs have gone unmet. For these reasons we have dedicated our efforts to developing new approaches and programs to ensure that every man and women receives the best care humanly possible from our organization. Today we operate six Joint Commission-accredited detox, assessment, and specialized residential treatment centers in four U.S. states.

Whatever your need, whatever your struggle, University Park is here to serve you and guide you through the process of healing and recovery. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore our website and get acquainted with our excellent alcohol and drug rehab programs, and our dedicated professionals. For more information, please call 800-203-8249 today.

Manny Nsien, COO

“Our industry has consistently struggled to provide high-quality services with open minded, assessment-driven approaches that improve the quality of life for patients and family members. University Park Behavioral Health offers highly individualized, effective, and innovative solutions for your clients, neighbors, colleagues, friends, acquaintances, and family members struggling with prescription pill dependency, substance abuse, or addiction. Our patients are talented, capable men and women from all walks of life who need answers and solutions. We are here to provide them.”


Cutting Edge Detox, Assessment, & Residential Treatment

Our cutting-edge Medical Detox + Assessment Programs in Colorado Springs, CO, Albuquerque, NM, and St. George, UT, are shattering the mold of traditional long-term residential care by offering medical-supervised detox services alongside a two-week comprehensive psychological, psychiatric, and medical assessment. There is nothing like this offering in the field, and it provides a unique opportunity for clients to not only cleanse their systems of abused substances but also receive a complete assessment of their condition and a clear and honest recommendation for follow-up treatment, as needed.

For those desiring full-featured residential care, we offer three distinct offerings ranging from our mixed-gender, non-12-Step program in Austin, Texas, to our gender-specific men’s program in Taos, New Mexico, and our women-only treatment program in Cascade, Colorado.


We Accept Most Private Commercial Health Insurance

University Park Behavioral Health accepts most kinds of private commercial health Insurance. We are unable to accept Medicare, Medicaid, state-sponsored insurance, or TRICARE at this time. Let us validate your insurance coverage.

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What Is Medical Detox?

June 18, 2018

When a person is taking drugs or alcohol into their body, there are both physical and mental adaptations that the body makes. The alcohol, or the drug(s) causes reactions in the body that initially were formerly produced by natural hormones and substances that your body produced on its own.  Over a period of time, your body begins to rely more and more on the drugs and alcohol to produce these substances, and consequently stops producing them on their own.  This is why the body craves and then needs the illicit substances, because the body has “forgotten” how to do it. Every person has widely different metabolism rates and different DNA, and thus the amount of time before these changes happen and the body becomes dependent on the substance varies widely.

However, once an individual has become dependent (this means they will have withdrawal substances if they stop taking the drug into their body) or addicted (they are taking the drug or alcohol illicitly because of the way it makes them feel), they will then experience anything from mild to severe pain and discomfort – maybe even extreme – when they endeavor to stop taking drinking alcohol or taking their drug(s) of choice.

There are some cases where the person can just stop. Yes, there is likely discomfort and pain. However, in many cases where someone is drinking alcohol heavily or taking high doses of one of even a combination of prescription or illicit drugs, quitting the drugs or simply stopping drinking alcohol quickly, or cold turkey, can cause very serious medical problems— and in some cases, even lethal ones.

If a person is addicted or dependent to opioids like Vicodin, Percocet, OxyContin, oxycodone, or even methadone, or to an extremely dangerous opiate such as heroin, the withdrawal from these may not be life-threatening, but it is consistently so painfully excruciating that the U.S. government projects that 95% of the individuals who try to stop taking the opioids on their own, without medical intervention, fail to complete the entire withdrawal process. To address the safety issues involved, and the pain and discomfort matters of alcohol and drug withdrawal, many individuals are turning to medical detox facilities.  University Park Behavioral Health Detox Hospital in St. George, Utah, can address the medical and emotional needs of those individuals who need medical intervention to complete a successful detoxification from drugs or alcohol.

Medical Detox

The word detox is short for detoxification. Detoxification is the removing of toxins (poisons or harmful things) from the body. Alcohol and drug are toxins. Medical detox means that the process of detoxification of the harmful substances like drugs and alcohol is done under medical supervision and compassionate care. However, it is very important to understand that the end product of a successful medical detoxification is not the complete elimination of all the toxins in the body or even the complete elimination of any cravings or longing for alcohol or drugs.  The end result of a successful medical detox is that the individual, in a more comfortable and relaxed way, is no longer at risk medically from not taking the drugs or alcohol into their bodies. The individual is now ready to go begin treatment at a University Park Behavioral Health center where they will be well taken care of and given the best help possible to achieve full recovery and sobriety from their addiction.

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